To build the best quality marine vessels, adhering to best shipbuilding practice, for various customers across the globe.


To build the best quality marine vessels, using the latest technology and industry know how, in quick time, to provide our customers with the best solutions for all their requirements.


We provide outstanding products and unparalleled service that, together deliver premium value Ships to our customers.

Welcome To Synergy Ship Builders
Synergy Shipbuilders started of as Siddarth Engineering & Shipbuilding Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1988. The company was established by Mr. Shriram Malik, to build and maintain the companies personal fleet of various Inland vessels. In the year 1996 the company build its first vessel for a domestic client.
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Ship Technology

Using of Submerged Arc welding machine.

Using of MIG welding machines.

Class approved Quality Assurance Plan.

Use of Airless spray machine for painting.

Use of Pipe bending machine for pipe bending.


Product Range

Various types of Steel vessels, Tug Boats, AHTS, crew boats, cargo vessels, tankers etc, and Aluminum Vessels, such as crew boats, pilot launches, small feeder vessels etc.
Shisp, Barge, Boat Infrastructure

Infrastructure at Synergy ship builders

We have the best infrastructure in Goa to handle all ship building requirements and adhered to the highest standards of quality in the shipbuilding industry.

We also built two Anchor handling Tug under ABS class of 70T Bollard Pull which were delivered within 16Months.